Furniture Buying Guide: Chaise Longue

Today Decor123com is back with another chapter in a Furniture Buying Guide. A chaise longue (or simply “a chaise“) is usually an upholstered bench or narrow sofa, in the shape of a chair and quite long to support the legs. Originally this piece of furniture comes from Egypt, later used in Ancient Greece and by Romans, and in French sometimes refers to a deckchair. In classic furniture vocabulary, it refers to a piece of furniture that is a part of an eccentric living room or bedroom. Great piece for a short nap or relaxation in a high style. Sometimes it is created with the two ends raised resembling a bench.


Sleek Contemporary Look of Your New Living Room by Ashley Furniture

Contemporary living room, yet warm and inviting, is absolutely perfect for the family entertainment and leisure evenings with friends. Finished in a soft, earthy shade with plush nap upholstery the Hodan – Marble Living Room Set by Ashley Furniture is one of the perfect solutions for the living room. Set consists of the the Hodan – Marble Loveseat and Hodan – Marble Sofa Chaise.

Hodan Marble Living Room Set by Ashley Furniture.jpg

Speaking of naps, lay back and enjoy the chaise. With a moveable ottoman-style base and reversible seat cushion, you can have it on the right or the left. Need some more matching items to complete the whole set? You are welcome to assemble it with the Hodan – Marble Accent Chair and Hodan – Marble Ottoman With Storage.┬áThe last features reversible tray tops and upholstered cube ottomans within the storage area.

Hodan Marble Accent Chair and Ottoman with Storage by Ashley Furniture.jpg

If you would like to get to know more of the options available for your living room – you are welcome to visit Decor 123!