Furniture Buying Guide: Loveseats

The term “loveseat“, nowadays, refers to an upholstered sofa with a size able to fit 2 persons, or simply – a sofa made for two people. Loveseats often come as the part of a living room set, together with the bigger sofa and extra furniture pieces, for instance, ottomans or occasional tables, creating altogether a living room ensemble. Or they can also function separately in apartment or studio as a small sitting area island, making a comfortable zone for a chat, cuddle and relaxation spot. Loveseats come in many designs and styles, the same as sofas do. Check the loveseats on Decor123com and find your ideal one!


Furniture Buying Guide: Recliners

Today Decor123com continues the weekly furniture guide with recliners. These are armchairs that recline when the back is lowered and the front panel is risen for a foot rest. It is usually referred to as the reclining chair, lounger and sometimes an armchair. This furniture piece allows to ‘recline’ in the chair, which is definitely a much more pleasant and comfortable position than just sitting. It can be reclined by pushing a button or a pulling on a lever, or shifting one’s weight to slide the chair into position. It may also have extra features such as, massage, vibration and heat.

Furniture Buying Guide: Ottomans

Decor 123 continues the weekly furniture guide today with an ottoman. It is a piece of furniture usually having neither arms, nor back, often used as a stool, footstool or a coffee table. It consists of an upholstered seat or padded bench. Sometimes ottomans are designed in a way to provide the storage inside, with the seat performing the function of a lid. The history of ottomans dates back to Ottoman Empire. Today they are used in many house rooms, including living room, bedroom, kids room or family room.

collage ottomans.jpg


Furniture Buying Guide: Armoire

Armoire is originally referred to a cupboard or wardrobe, typically one that is ornate or antique. From the course of history, it used to be a place to store the armor, in the ancient times, but not anymore. Nowadays, it is referred to a storage space, like a wardrobe with the shelves and drawers, optionally. They differ in size and have various functions to perform, from keeping jewelry to hanging clothes. Stay inspired and informed with!

collage armoires.jpg



Furniture Buying Guide: Curio

A curio or usually referenced to as a curio cabinet is a piece of furniture, usually made of glass and a metal or wood framework, designed for display of the collection of “curios”, for instance figurines, souvenirs or other objects invoking curiosity. A curio cabinet is usually a vertical furniture piece, has glass on each side, and even glass shelves, and optionally a mirror at the back for a better visibility. Decor123com has several different style curios to offer, some – classic ones, another – with extra base or hutch.


Furniture Buying Guide: Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is a piece of furniture that expands convenience of about every kitchen. It both gives extra kitchen work surface and appears as informal dining station for the small spaces. To define it simply – it’s a freestanding piece of furniture at about counter height, which functions as an island. It offers hidden cabinets and open shelves, or a combination of the two in addition to a work surface. Often the storage may also include wine racks and refrigerated drawers.

Furniture Buying Guide: Chest

We continue our weekly Furniture Guide with a chest of drawers. Usually called a chest, it is a box-shaped piece of furniture that has several parallel horizontal drawers stacked one above another. This piece is usually made to be used for storing clothing, especially underwear, socks. Some chests have extra sections for jewelry and other bulky clothes. Overall shape of a chest varies, same as the drawers’ size. As a bright example comes the chest by Pulaski Furniture. Check out more with Decor123com and stay inspired!