Furniture Buying Guide: Console

A type of side table which is usually placed against a wall, and often fixed to it. The legs or any other decorative support is used at the front only. In other words, a console table is a table designed to fit against the wall. Nowadays these tables are used as TV and media consoles or a functional part of the living room furniture to keep and store decorative accessories, books, photo frames, candles.


Furniture Buying Guide: Chesser

Today we will speak about the chesser. The one, which bears no relation to chess playing. We introduce you the piece of furniture which is inbetween dresser and chest. Both of these words together made the brand new – chesser. This piece of furniture is wider than a chest and slightly taller than a dresser. Taking the best advantages from the two, the chesser has the balance between the size and the capacity of storage.

Furniture Buying Guide: Nightstand

A nightstand is also named night table, as well as bedside table, daystand or bedside cabinet. It is a small piece of furniture, a table or a cabinet, that is kept at the side of a bed usually. Or elsewhere in a bedroom. The most widespread type is a table with the drawers or shelves, sometimes a small door. Its function is in keeping items that might be needed during the night time: table lamp, book, phone, lamp, a bottle or a glass of water, tissues or medication.

Ilana Door Nightstand by Coaster Furniture


Furniture Buying Guide: Chaise Longue

Today Decor123com is back with another chapter in a Furniture Buying Guide. A chaise longue (or simply “a chaise“) is usually an upholstered bench or narrow sofa, in the shape of a chair and quite long to support the legs. Originally this piece of furniture comes from Egypt, later used in Ancient Greece and by Romans, and in French sometimes refers to a deckchair. In classic furniture vocabulary, it refers to a piece of furniture that is a part of an eccentric living room or bedroom. Great piece for a short nap or relaxation in a high style. Sometimes it is created with the two ends raised resembling a bench.


Furniture Buying Guide: Loveseats

The term “loveseat“, nowadays, refers to an upholstered sofa with a size able to fit 2 persons, or simply – a sofa made for two people. Loveseats often come as the part of a living room set, together with the bigger sofa and extra furniture pieces, for instance, ottomans or occasional tables, creating altogether a living room ensemble. Or they can also function separately in apartment or studio as a small sitting area island, making a comfortable zone for a chat, cuddle and relaxation spot. Loveseats come in many designs and styles, the same as sofas do. Check the loveseats on Decor123com and find your ideal one!


Furniture Buying Guide: Ottomans

Decor 123 continues the weekly furniture guide today with an ottoman. It is a piece of furniture usually having neither arms, nor back, often used as a stool, footstool or a coffee table. It consists of an upholstered seat or padded bench. Sometimes ottomans are designed in a way to provide the storage inside, with the seat performing the function of a lid. The history of ottomans dates back to Ottoman Empire. Today they are used in many house rooms, including living room, bedroom, kids room or family room.

collage ottomans.jpg



Furniture Buying Guide: Armoire

Armoire is originally referred to a cupboard or wardrobe, typically one that is ornate or antique. From the course of history, it used to be a place to store the armor, in the ancient times, but not anymore. Nowadays, it is referred to a storage space, like a wardrobe with the shelves and drawers, optionally. They differ in size and have various functions to perform, from keeping jewelry to hanging clothes. Stay inspired and informed with!

collage armoires.jpg