Furniture Buying Guide: Serving Cart

A serving cart is a piece of furniture used to serve or display food. A serving cart, also known as a bar cart, might be used in many rooms and living spaces due to its mobility: from living and entertainment room to outdoor and patio. Usually with two or three tiers, it might also feature extra drawers, bottle and glass holders, space for drink accessories, etc. One might find a variety of vintage bar carts and modern bar carts at


Furniture Buying Guide: Bedroom Bench

Bedroom bench is a small-sized bench, placed usually at footboard of the bed. It gives extra storage space and functions as an area to sit and get ready. It works as additional piece of furniture in bedroom, that completes the whole ensemble of the set. Bedroom storage benches are good for keeping extra blankets, pillows, throws and other useful stuff. Sometimes trunks serve as a storage and as a bed bench. Check more on the trunks in our weekly furniture guide.

Furniture Buying Guide: Trunk

This piece of furniture is often used as a decorative storage chest, a bedside bench and even used as a functional table. Trunks are the perfect solution for any home style. It is a great solution if you are looking for a versatile coffee table that has a simple and traditional design, and in many cases, it becomes the focal spot of any room.

The trunks come in many designs nowadays. For instance, the Octavia Trunk by Coaster Furniture offers the best new design for today’s casual lifestyle that brings outdoor and indoor styles together. Design is inspired by the popularity of live edge tree slabs.

Furniture Buying Guide: Swivel Chair

Today we continue our guide with the Swivel Chair. A swivel is a chair that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees. It comes whether with a single central leg or base with swivel (if we are talking of the chair for home office, game room or an accent chair in a living room) or with 4 legs (home bar swivel chair).

The most office swivel chairs have wheels on the base allowing to move the chair around the area without getting up. History has it that this piece of furniture has been invented by Thomas Jefferson. Through the centuries the form of swivel chair has been transformed and it is used in various forms in different living spaces.

Furniture Buying Guide: Credenza

Starting in history as a rough table with a cloth draped over it, through the centuries this piece of furniture has become an extra functional in any dining room. Nowadays, the term Credenza usually relates to a dining room sideboard/cupboard with glass display cabinets. Becoming a focal point in a room, it is often made from wood, and used as a platform to serve buffet meals.

Furniture Buying Guide: Rocker

We are used to the name Rocker nowadays. Before it was associated with the chair featuring 2 curved wooden bands at the bottom of the legs, which gave the opportunity to rock back and forth. Nowadays, the name rocker in furniture is mostly related to the rocker recliner, a comfortable recliner mounted on rockers or springs so a sitter can rock back and forth. Still, both have the same aim – to give as much relaxation to the occupant as possible. This piece of furniture is perfect for entertainment rooms, living rooms, dens, bedrooms. Do you have a rocker recliner in your home? Follow Blog to keep on finding out something new every Monday.

Furniture Buying Guide: Daybed

A daybed can become a piece to serve many various purposes. From the name of this type of bed, it’s easy to guess that it is a perfect piece to take a nap in the middle of the day, to dedicate time to relaxation, reading and daydreaming.

A daybed serves both as a bed and a couch. Usually manufactured of wood or metal, the daybeds usually consist of 3 parts: two sides, resembling the arms of a couch, and a back section for comfortable sitting. In most designs, the daybed comes with the space for twin-size mattress, and quite often with a trundle beneath (which is really useful when the guests are there around). Discover more 👉