Furniture Buying Guide: Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is a bed in which one bed is stacked on top of the other. They can vary from twin over twin bunk beds to twin over full bunk beds, bunk beds with storage or bunk beds with trundle, etc. This type of beds allows to accommodate two or more people to sleep in the same room with no sacrificing of the floor space. Usually these beds are supported by four pillars, a ladder is used for access to the upper bed. And the upper bed is usually surrounded by a railing to prevent from falling out. These beds nowadays come in variety of styles, like the one we give as an example today – upholstered bunk bed from Madison Youth Bedroom Collection by Samuel Lawrence Furniture. Bunk beds are recommended for children older than 5 with the prior proper safety rules and instructions. 😉  Stay with Decor123com, stay informed and inspired!


Furniture Buying Guide: Upholstered Beds

Today we continue our weekly Decor123com Furniture Buying Guide with the Upholstered beds. This type of bed is made with the headboard covered with fabric or other soft material. Some designs include both headboard and footboard upholstered in the same style. The upholstery is definitely making the bed comfortable and soft to touch, and this type of beds is renowned to look classy. Some bed designs include all of the structural parts upholstered, the others have only few sections of headboard upholstered.

Devon Grey Upholstered Bed by Ashley Furniture.jpg

Furniture Buying Guide: Storage Beds

Storage furniture is a wonderful space saver in homes and apartments. Storage beds allow to store a lot of stuff, like bedding, sheets, extra items, clothes and toys with no sacrificing the space in your room. These kinds of beds have a storage built-in underneath the mattress. So, when buying furniture for your bedroom, you should consider whether you may need the option of storage. The beds come in a variety of sizes from twin to full, queen and king size.

Greensburg Storage Bed by Ashley Furniture.jpg

As an example – the bed from the Greensburg Bedroom Collection by Ashley Furniture with the ample storage within the footboard with a stylish case pieces making this the perfect addition to any bedroom décor. Stay with Decor123com and get to know more every Monday at our blog’s Furniture Guide!

Furniture Buying Guide: Panel Beds

Today is the new Monday, so we continue our weekly furniture buying guide and the bed types. This morning we come up to the panel beds. These beds are known for being simple compared to other bed types. Panel bed has both headboard and footboard made from panels of wood. Usually they are made in a traditional style, but with the contemporary designers’ solutions multiple materials use is evidenced: upholstery, metal rods and mixed. Some panel beds feature only a headboard, tall one and decorated. As a bright example – panel bed from the Celestial Collection by Samuel Lawrence Furniture.

The panel beds include side rails for you to add a box spring mattress. The wooden or metal crossbars of the beds are spaced between the rails or bed frame to provide structural support for mattress, but it’s not enough. The panel beds require a box spring to support the mattress.

If you have any questions left – you are welcome to ask our team. Check out more bright and smart décor ideas with us! Visit Decor123com and stay inspired!

Furniture Buying Guide: Canopy Beds

Last week we talked about poster beds within our weekly Furniture Buying Guide. This Monday we introduce another magnificent bed type: Canopy.

The canopy beds are quite similar to four-poster beds, but the posts rise much higher, so that optionally you could drape fabric over the four posts and make it a cozy sanctuary. You can also use the metal beams, connecting the posts to one another, for the drapes or curtains. This type of bed will make you feel royal and create an ideal relaxing hiding-place.

The North Shore Collection by Ashley Furniture is made in a rich traditional style. But usually canopy beds come in a variety of styles and shapes, and undoubtedly each will be there to decorate and fill the spacious room. Less decor is needed with this kind of bed, as it is mostly the spotlight in bedroom.

Furniture Buying Guide: Poster Beds

This week Decor123com continues the bedroom furniture guide. Last week we introduced you the sleigh bed with its characteristic features. This week we continue with the poster bed. What defines the poster bed are the decorative posts – usually four vertical columns, rising up from each corner of the bed.

The posters can be pointed, square, rounded or other shape. The height of the posts ranges due to the style and design inception from very low posts clearing the mattress to ceiling height.

If you are looking for something a little more old-school and vintage for your bedroom – poster beds are an ideal choice. As an example, of the poster bed we’ve chosen today the one from Ledelle Collection by Ashley Furniture. With the traditional dark cherry stain finish flowing beautifully over the elaborately ornate details, this poster bed creates a sophisticated Old World style.

Furniture Buying Guide: Sleigh Beds

This week we are starting our bed style weekly guide. Décor 123 team will help you to find out the meaning behind the definition, choose the right style to fit your design preferences, apartment ambiance and interior.

Today we are here to tell you what is a sleigh bed. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘sleigh’ will give you a hint at once. The classic sleigh bed has curved or scrolled footboard and headboard, resembling old-style sleigh or sled.

Traditionally it is made of wood, as the Trishley Sleigh Bed by Ashley Furniture displayed below, but the contemporary trends led to a variety of materials to be used, including iron and steel. Though wood, including oak and mahogany, remains the top material. For a modern update, upholstery and leather are also used.

Sleigh beds have a sophisticated feel, with slender curves and statement headboards. The curves and scrolls depend on the designer’s inception: the sleigh beds may come with more or less exaggerated curves. This kind of a bed style adds an antique, French-inspired feel to the room.