Furniture Buying Guide: Bookcase

Missed us? We, the team of, are back with the new chapter of our Furniture Guide. Today we are talking about bookcases. This piece of furniture is fitted with shelves meant to hold books. Depending on the design idea – it could be either enclosed by glass doors, or left with the open shelves. One might like to insert souvenirs and figurines in the few sectors, still the main function of this piece is in holding books and other office papers and stuff. In the times of printing invented, books were a rare luxury to be commonly kept in a chest or on the shelf beneath a desk.

One of the first bookcases used in early times was mentioned in the illuminated manuscript Codex Amiatinus (AD 689–716) in Florence which contains an illustration of the prophet Ezra writing in front of a cupboard with open doors that reveal shelves holding books, which actually was a first bookcase.


Furniture Guide: Bedside Table vs Nightstand

One of the essentials for every comfortable bedroom, the bedside table, is often found in the section of nightstands. No wonder, as today we have got many furniture pieces serving the function of bedside table: nightstand, night table, daystand or bedside cabinet. The difference between nightstand and table is usually in availability of drawers and shelves – for a cabinet-like furniture on one side, and table-like furniture piece on the other. One chooses the proper furniture following the need: whether you need more storage – better to pick a nightstand or bedside cabinet, or you just need a modest table to keep a lamp, phone and a book to read, before going to sleep. Check up more at

Furniture Buying Guide: Glider

Today we speak about glider – the ultra-comfortable piece of furniture. It’s a type of rocking chair, that moves like a swing seat. Smooth motion of a glider chair helps to relax, and moreover, it helps to rock baby to sleep! Usually, the entire frame consists of a seat, which is attached to the base by a double-rocker four-bar linkage. This causes the chair to move like a rocking chair and swing back and forth. Accompanied by the ottoman – it is ultimate relaxation spot in your home. Discover to find out even more!

Furniture Buying Guide: Counter Height Dining Table

Counter height table is a dining table, which slightly differs in height from the standard one. Kitchen table heights vary. The traditional standard table height of a kitchen/dining table is 30 inches. Countertop height tables are typically 36 inches. Counter height tables are used in smaller spaces to help visually overcome the feeling of tight rooms. Counter height tables should be used with appropriate chairs to complete the ensemble, for the best convenience when taking seat to have a meal.

Furniture Buying Guide: Serving Cart

A serving cart is a piece of furniture used to serve or display food. A serving cart, also known as a bar cart, might be used in many rooms and living spaces due to its mobility: from living and entertainment room to outdoor and patio. Usually with two or three tiers, it might also feature extra drawers, bottle and glass holders, space for drink accessories, etc. One might find a variety of vintage bar carts and modern bar carts at

Furniture Buying Guide: Bedroom Bench

Bedroom bench is a small-sized bench, placed usually at footboard of the bed. It gives extra storage space and functions as an area to sit and get ready. It works as additional piece of furniture in bedroom, that completes the whole ensemble of the set. Bedroom storage benches are good for keeping extra blankets, pillows, throws and other useful stuff. Sometimes trunks serve as a storage and as a bed bench. Check more on the trunks in our weekly furniture guide.

Furniture Buying Guide: Trunk

This piece of furniture is often used as a decorative storage chest, a bedside bench and even used as a functional table. Trunks are the perfect solution for any home style. It is a great solution if you are looking for a versatile coffee table that has a simple and traditional design, and in many cases, it becomes the focal spot of any room.

The trunks come in many designs nowadays. For instance, the Octavia Trunk by Coaster Furniture offers the best new design for today’s casual lifestyle that brings outdoor and indoor styles together. Design is inspired by the popularity of live edge tree slabs.