Furniture Buying Guide: Credenza

Starting in history as a rough table with a cloth draped over it, through the centuries this piece of furniture has become an extra functional in any dining room. Nowadays, the term Credenza usually relates to a dining room sideboard/cupboard with glass display cabinets. Becoming a focal point in a room, it is often made from wood, and used as a platform to serve buffet meals.


Furniture Buying Guide: Rocker

We are used to the name Rocker nowadays. Before it was associated with the chair featuring 2 curved wooden bands at the bottom of the legs, which gave the opportunity to rock back and forth. Nowadays, the name rocker in furniture is mostly related to the rocker recliner, a comfortable recliner mounted on rockers or springs so a sitter can rock back and forth. Still, both have the same aim – to give as much relaxation to the occupant as possible. This piece of furniture is perfect for entertainment rooms, living rooms, dens, bedrooms. Do you have a rocker recliner in your home? Follow Blog to keep on finding out something new every Monday.

Furniture Buying Guide: Daybed

A daybed can become a piece to serve many various purposes. From the name of this type of bed, it’s easy to guess that it is a perfect piece to take a nap in the middle of the day, to dedicate time to relaxation, reading and daydreaming.

A daybed serves both as a bed and a couch. Usually manufactured of wood or metal, the daybeds usually consist of 3 parts: two sides, resembling the arms of a couch, and a back section for comfortable sitting. In most designs, the daybed comes with the space for twin-size mattress, and quite often with a trundle beneath (which is really useful when the guests are there around). Discover more 👉

Furniture Buying Guide: Game Table

We continue our Furniture Guide with the favorite piece of furniture for gamblers and a zest of a man’s cave: Game Table. Usually, in furniture, this term refers to the table which is built specifically for gaming (poker table, pool table), which often can be transformed into the bar or dining table (by means of the top flipped over). The game tables are designed round- or octagon-shaped in respect of the gamers’ convenience, sometimes square-shaped. With a multifunctional purpose in mind, the tables are often designed with playing surface together with recessed cup/drink holders and extra spaces for storage of gaming stuff.

Furniture Buying Guide: Bar & Wine Cabinet

Wine enthusiasts cannot miss this piece of furniture in their living/dining room or home bar space. These kinds of cabinets are a good alternative to wine racks as a way to store your wine collection. Wine cabinets offer the perfect conditions for both, short and long-term storage of bottles of spirits. Many designs of bar cabinets and wine cabinets offer multiple shelves for storage of bar hardware and glassware.

Furniture Buying Guide: Sideboard (Buffet, Server)

A buffet or a sideboard is a piece of furniture used in the dining room. The functionality slightly differs depending on the designers’ concept, but in general it is used for displaying elegant dishes and for storage. Often it consists of a set of cabinets, drawers and open shelves or cupboards. The surface of the sideboard can be used to place food, serving dishes, accessories, candles etc. The height of sideboards/buffets is around waist level. This piece of furniture ranges in decorative styles nowadays. The modern-styled forms are often referred to as a server (with extra options, like sections for holding wine bottles).

Furniture Buying Guide: End Table

We continue our weekly Furniture Guide with a piece of furniture great for every balanced living room: an end table. It is a small table that is usually placed at each end of sofa, or beside a chair. It is a great place to put magazine or book, TV remote, plant or decoration. The end tables differ in sizes and shapes to fit the best for your complete living room decor harmony. Many offer the storage drawers or open shelves for the things right at your fingertips, when in chair or sofa. Check out more at Decor123com.

Mallory Oval End Table with Mirrored Shelf by Hammary Furniture