Furniture Buying Guide: Loft Beds

Last week we talked about bunk beds and their advantages. Loft bed frame is similar to that of a bunk bed, with only one difference: the lower bunk is removed, allowing to use the area underneath the elevated bed. Depending on the age of the dweller this space is easily transformed into play or study zone. With the small couch, it becomes 2-in-1 room: bedroom and living room for the youngster to chill with the friends. It is the perfect solution for a small space but multiple tasks. Follow Decor123 and you will get to know much more every Monday on our weekly furniture guide!


Furniture Buying Guide: Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is a bed in which one bed is stacked on top of the other. They can vary from twin over twin bunk beds to twin over full bunk beds, bunk beds with storage or bunk beds with trundle, etc. This type of beds allows to accommodate two or more people to sleep in the same room with no sacrificing of the floor space. Usually these beds are supported by four pillars, a ladder is used for access to the upper bed. And the upper bed is usually surrounded by a railing to prevent from falling out. These beds nowadays come in variety of styles, like the one we give as an example today – upholstered bunk bed from Madison Youth Bedroom Collection by Samuel Lawrence Furniture. Bunk beds are recommended for children older than 5 with the prior proper safety rules and instructions. 😉  Stay with Decor123com, stay informed and inspired!

Furniture Buying Guide: Futons

History has it that futons come originally from Japan, and there they were the simple mattresses that could be easily rolled up and stored away if not needed. The contemporary futons are still flexible in use, but they do differ from the Japanese ancestors. This piece of furniture is also known as the convertible sofa. And it comes in different sizes, styles, positions, so that it performs double duty to furnish the living room and to provide an extra sleeping space for unexpected guests. As a brilliant example – the Teddy Bear Grey Sofa Bed by Coaster Furniture. Interested? Find more versatile futons at Decor123com!

Furniture Buying Guide: Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofa is a wonderful multifunctional piece of furniture. It keeps you off the troubles if your relative comes around and stays at your place for a few nights, or when your friends stay overnight. You can easily transform your living room with the sleeper sofa into a comfortable bedroom for guests: you just easily pull the easy-lift mechanism and at once you get the wonderful bed. Sleeper sofas come in many sizes, so one can find the best solution to fit the space right!

Daystar Seafoam Queen Sofa Sleeper by Ashley Furniture.jpg

Furniture Buying Guide: Reclining Sofas

Reclining sofa looks like a traditional couch, but additionally you have a comfort of a recliner. Another benefit of this furniture piece is that it creates additional seating, since if someone wants to lie down, it’s not necessary to take up several seats. It has a backrest that can be optionally tilted back and a footrest that often may be extended. So, you can let your feet rest and unwind in a comfort of the reclining sofa.

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Furniture Buying Guide: Upholstered Beds

Today we continue our weekly Decor123com Furniture Buying Guide with the Upholstered beds. This type of bed is made with the headboard covered with fabric or other soft material. Some designs include both headboard and footboard upholstered in the same style. The upholstery is definitely making the bed comfortable and soft to touch, and this type of beds is renowned to look classy. Some bed designs include all of the structural parts upholstered, the others have only few sections of headboard upholstered.

Devon Grey Upholstered Bed by Ashley Furniture.jpg

Furniture Buying Guide: Storage Beds

Storage furniture is a wonderful space saver in homes and apartments. Storage beds allow to store a lot of stuff, like bedding, sheets, extra items, clothes and toys with no sacrificing the space in your room. These kinds of beds have a storage built-in underneath the mattress. So, when buying furniture for your bedroom, you should consider whether you may need the option of storage. The beds come in a variety of sizes from twin to full, queen and king size.

Greensburg Storage Bed by Ashley Furniture.jpg

As an example – the bed from the Greensburg Bedroom Collection by Ashley Furniture with the ample storage within the footboard with a stylish case pieces making this the perfect addition to any bedroom décor. Stay with Decor123com and get to know more every Monday at our blog’s Furniture Guide!