Furniture Buying Guide: File Cabinet

A filing cabinet, or a file cabinet, is a piece of home office furniture used to store and keep paper documents. Due to the drawers of peculiar size, it becomes an essential part of every office room, keeping the documents organized. These furniture pieces appear in many shapes and sizes, with different filing cabinet orientation, number of cabinets and drawers, as well as cabinet features to meet the individual needs of every business person.

Pergola File Cabinet by Coaster Furniture


Furniture Buying Guide: Trundle Bed

Today we are talking about a trundle bed – an extra bed for guests, that can easily be stored under the main bed. It is low enough and made with wheels, so when needed – it is pulled out and ready to be used by visitors. Kids love staying overnight at their friends’ or classmates’ houses, so a bunk bed or twin bed with a trundle provides a smart space-saving solution.

New York Trundle Bed by Standard Furniture

Furniture Buying Guide: Vanity

Decor123com continues weekly furniture guide. A vanity table, or simply vanity, is a small table, where a lady keeps makeup and stuff, and uses it as the makeup spot. The vanity is considered to be an elegant bedroom accent furniture. Bedroom vanities come with various different features, such as adjustable mirrors and drawers to store the belongings. This furniture piece is stylish and functional, as it’s a helpful spot for the ladies’ morning routine, when getting ready in front of a tall or tri-folding mirror; and the drawers are perfect for storing different items the lady needs. Makeup tables also act as a station where you store your perfume, flowers, pictures, accessories, figurines and makeup. The set is completed by a stool, small bench or an elegant chair.

Furniture Buying Guide: Hutch

Are you ready for the next on the list from our Furniture Guide? Today we are focusing on a piece of furniture named Hutch.

That’s a type of furniture consisting of the set of shelves or cabinets, which are placed over a lower unit. Hutches usually complete the home office units, being placed over the desks. Often hutches are seen in a form of dining room, home bar or kitchen furniture. Lower unit of such units comes with a counter and drawers/cabinets.

Many hutches feature a mirror in the back to provide the additional depth and a better display for the items kept inside.

Furniture Buying Guide: Console

A type of side table which is usually placed against a wall, and often fixed to it. The legs or any other decorative support is used at the front only. In other words, a console table is a table designed to fit against the wall. Nowadays these tables are used as TV and media consoles or a functional part of the living room furniture to keep and store decorative accessories, books, photo frames, candles.

Furniture Buying Guide: Chesser

Today we will speak about the chesser. The one, which bears no relation to chess playing. We introduce you the piece of furniture which is inbetween dresser and chest. Both of these words together made the brand new – chesser. This piece of furniture is wider than a chest and slightly taller than a dresser. Taking the best advantages from the two, the chesser has the balance between the size and the capacity of storage.

Furniture Buying Guide: Nightstand

A nightstand is also named night table, as well as bedside table, daystand or bedside cabinet. It is a small piece of furniture, a table or a cabinet, that is kept at the side of a bed usually. Or elsewhere in a bedroom. The most widespread type is a table with the drawers or shelves, sometimes a small door. Its function is in keeping items that might be needed during the night time: table lamp, book, phone, lamp, a bottle or a glass of water, tissues or medication.

Ilana Door Nightstand by Coaster Furniture